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Lady Bones Print Co

Weekly Dinner Planner


This spiral-bound dinner planner features a letterpress printed cover, sturdy chipboard back cover, and easy-to use weekly planning template for the interior pages. With 52 pages, one for each week, it’s all you need to get your evening eating organized for the year. Printed and bound with love an intention in Los Angeles. Dinner Planners are recycled paper that is milled in the US using hydropower.

The approximate dimensions, are: 8.5”x 11.25” 

About Lady Bones Co: 
Annemarie Munn is the owner/main press operator of Lady Bones Print Shop. While growing up in rural Northern California, she was lucky enough to live in a house replete with broadsides and chapbooks both letterpress and otherwise, mostly poetry, mostly printed in the Bay Area during the 1960s and 1970s.

Although she spent years in academia studying philosophy and creative writing, in late 2008 Annemarie finally gave in to the siren call of ink and paper, and was lucky enough to begin her printing career as an intern with the San Francisco Center for the Book's Imprint division, where her first project was to print the Small Plates edition of Reparations, an accordion book by former Black Panther Minister of Culture Emory Douglas. 

Since then she has worked in various printshops, bookshops, and binderies, and printed as much as possible. Annemarie is proud to be the steward of the Vandercook SP-15 from Five Trees, a women's printing collective from the 70s and 80s, which came to her from Eileen Callahan; the purchase of this press inspired the opening of Lady Bones (thank goodness).  In her spare time Annemarie is a very serious amateur weightlifter.

Weekly Dinner Planner